Polysun Designer


Including 12 months of automatic Polysun updates for free


Product Description

Sales and planning tool for advanced users: Maximum flexibility in planning small and large installations. Enhanced modularity and precision in the design of hydronic systems by applying the building block concept. Advanced inverter layout and shading simulation tool for Polysun PV. All features of Polysun Professional are included.

Solarthermal Simulation
Heatpump Simulation
Photovoltaic Simulation
Solar hot water, space and pool heating systems, worldwide weather data, huge hydronic template selection, updated collector catalogs (flat plate, tube, concentrating and unglazed collectors).
Ground-source and ground-water loops, water-to-water and air-to-water heat pumps. Updated catalogs with certified heat pumps. Precise calculation of COP.
Updated module and inverter catalogs, worldwide weather data, shading simulation tool, state of the art inverter layout assistant.


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