Kurumeng is a proudly South African based company focused on providing innovative and cost-effective solutions in areas of Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Power Systems. All technical activities in the organization are interlinked as shown in the following methodical process: Kurumeng upholds the ECSA Engineering Profession Act, 2000 (Act No. 46 of 2000), and related […]


Water Conservation

The importance of water to the survival of humankind and all species cannot be overstated. In urban areas, water facilitates electricity generation and is a key raw material in the mining and industrial sectors. While there are hundreds of reasons for saving water, some of the top reasons include; The less water used or wasted […]


Energy Efficiency

It is no secret that global energy demand is increasing every day and this phenomenon will continue perpetually into the future unless some intervention is implemented. The challenge with the ever-growing demand for energy particularly in South Africa, is that the base-load is mainly supplied through coal-based Eskom power stations with inherent risks such as, […]


Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sources offer clean, inexhaustible and increasingly competitive energy. This differs from fossil fuels principally in diversity, abundance, no greenhouse gas emissions, and potential for use anywhere on the planet. It is common knowledge that both the energy demand and electricity prices in South Africa are steadily on the rise. Figure 3 shows the […]