Kurumeng Services

(a) Energy Audits
We conduct walk-through energy audits, energy survey & engineering analysis, and detailed analysis of capital intensive improvements. We are guided by best practices such as the Energy Management System – ISO 50001.

Kurumeng Energy Efficiency Rates 2018

(b) Engineering Consultancy
We follow methodical series of steps to develop bankable Engineering solutions and satisfy design requirements through cyclical processes of idea generation, evaluation, and design improvement.

(c) Green Products Sales
We partner with varying global manufactures to source green Engineering solutions unique to the needs of our clients. These solutions have limited greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute positively to the sustainable development drive.

(d) Research & Development
We combine practical experience and research, to develop viable solutions that solve Engineering problems, in response to short, medium, and long-term customer needs.

(e) Engineering Maintenance
We provide safe and cost-effective maintenance to on-site Engineering assets, to comply with legislative requirements at expected performance levels.

(f) Projects Management & Execution
We apply proven Project Management principles on all projects, irrespective of size and complexity. We consider all eventualities that may arise during the project’s lifecycle and deliver a quality product, timeously, safely, and cost effectively.